Accepted Presentations

Here are the accepted presentations for the Workshop:

  • Katarzyna Gniadzik, Vasili Reikh, Radoslaw Nielek and Adam Wierzbicki. Why deceived people are not always victims?
  • Marie Joan Kristine Gloria and John S. Erickson. Studying Cybercrime: Raising Questions about Objectivity and Bias
  • Huw Fryer, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon and Tim Chown. Computer Abuse Legislation: A Trap for the Unwary?
  • Emily K. Adams. Semi-Quantitative Metrics for Evaluating Cyber Risk of Public Information: Higher Education
  • Eva Zangerle and Günther Specht. Cybercrime on Twitter: Shifting the User Back into Focus
  • Emilio Ferrara, Pasquale De Meo, Salvatore Catanese and Giacomo Fiumara. Criminal Network Analysis in Mobile Phone Networks
  • Sabrine Saad and Stéphane B. Bazan. The New Rules of Asymmetric Infowar on the Web in the Near East

And here is the draft program.

NOTE: All presenters MUST register for the workshop.